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FTP Project 2012-2015

3 Year Grant from The Danish Council for Independent Research | Technology and Production Sciences

­The aim of the project is to improve our understanding of the way proteins are recognizing and binding to other biomolecules by use of computational and NMR techniques and to apply this knowledge for improving properties of proteins and peptides for future commercial use. We will apply state-of-the-art molecular dynamics (MD) techniques to assess properties of three different protein classes with the overall goal of advancing the understanding of experimental observations. Such knowledge will be extremely valuable for future production of medical imaging agents, commodity enzymes and biopharmaceuticals. The experimental parts of the project will be carried out in collaborations with the inSPIN center of excellence for NMR and biophysics studies and with the biotechnology company Chr. Hansen A/S.


  • Salaries: 36 months postdoc and 36 months PhD (total 2.9 mio. kr.)
  • Operating expenses (ca. 1 mio. kr.)
  • Overhead (1.7 mio. kr.)
  • Co-financing: inSPIN and SciTech AU (total 3.3 mio. kr.)

Affiliated People from AU



Ph.D. Students


  • Chr. Hansen A/S