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Inorganic chemistry/Materials chemistry

Inorganic chemistry constitutes one of the largest research areas at the Department of Chemistry.

The primary research topic of inorganic chemistry is to study and develop a wide scope of materials, ranging from biologic materials to alloys. A central part of the work is to focus on the changes that take place on nanoscale - studying, synthesising and characterising materials using various techniques with X-ray diffraction as a key instrument.

Materials research is interdisciplinary, with close connections to chemistry, physical biology and different engineering sciences. The research is of the utmost importance in modern society, where increasingly large requirements are placed on a multitude of materials and components used everywhere – from printed circuits to building materials.

It was recently established that materials with completely new properties can be made using nanoscale manipulation. This poses a major challenge to basic research, but nano effects also provide interesting perspectives for new industrial processes and applications.

The research groups collaborate closely with the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO). Learn more about iNANO at www.inano.au.dk.