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Quantum Materials and Extreme Conditions

We are a materials chemistry group with research interests at the interface between solid-state chemistry, physical chemistry and condensed matter physics. We are particularly interested in discovery of novel materials by solid-state chemistry approaches with a focus on high-pressure methods.

The understanding of the relationship between structure properties of solids it at the core of materials chemistry. This understanding aids the search for functional materials with specific properties and optimized performance. However, ground-breaking innovations have historically rarely been developed by design, but through rational and exploratory research on new classes of compounds.

At Aarhus University we have built a comprehensive suite of techniques for high-pressure solid-state chemistry, including a state-of-the-art large volume multi-anvil press, which is capable of generating pressures up to 250,000 bar (25 GPa) and temperatures up to 2000 K and a number of different diamond anvil cells (DACs). These extreme conditions provide exceptional possibilities to manipulate matter into new forms. It is common knowledge that diamond is a phase of carbon generated at very high pressure. Fewer probably consider that other new materials can also be made in the same fashion; by using pressure as the driving force. In many cases, these novel materials can be recovered to ambient conditions as stable or meta-stable compounds.

Studies are performed both on in-house X-ray diffractometers and international synchrotron facilities.

Understanding and exploiting structural-property relationships in functional materials and exotic electronic materials. Current research focus is on perovskites, pyrochlores and topological insulators.

For our research project we have received support from the Villum Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation, Aarhus University Research Foundation, and the Independent Research Fund Denmark (Sapere Aude). We are a part of Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC), and the Villum Centre for Dirac Materials.

If you are interested a doing your bachelor or master project in our group, please drop me an email (bremholm@chem.au.dk). We also have open calls for PhD projects.