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Materials for rechargeable batteries

The RavnsbækGroup studies inorganic materials with applications within energy storage and conversion. Our primary scientific focus is materials for rechargeable batteries hereunder materials synthesis and design to characterization regarding structure, topology and battery performance.

A strong focus in the group is to develop novel battery materials based on easily accessible and cheap elements, which can make the use of sustainable batteries more wide spread and create the foundation for more electric vehicles on the roads and storage of wind and solar energy. A part of the development of novel materials is to investigate the structures of these at length scales ranging from millimeter to the atomic scale, and to do so while the battery is being used, i.e. during charge and discharge.

We are also part of several industrial projects with companies such as BioModics, Haldor Topsoe, Radisurf and Danish Graphene.

If you are curious about the topic, the group and/or the research feel free to reach out to Dorthe at dorthe@chem.au.dk
Beside this you can read more at https://ravnsbaekgroup.com/ and https://www.kemifokus.dk/wp-content/uploads/sites/7/DAK2-2022-s12-16.pdf

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