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Welcome to Biomodelling

Welcome to the homepage of the Biomodelling group at the Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University. The aim of the research in the Biomodelling group is to help disentangle protein functions with respect to dynamical properties and in relation to reaction mechanisms. Our studies are performed in silico using computational chemistry, bioinformatics and molecular modelling tools.

Most of the research projects in the group are interdisciplinary studies where we collaborate with various experimental research groups, as synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, structural chemistry and biochemistry (PUMPKIN and inSPIN) as well as molecular biology. We also collaborate with other computational groups related to improving methods for molecular docking simulations (Molegro and BiRC) and the application of advanced force field based methods in chemistry (Frank Jensen)

The group was funded in June 2001 when Birgit Schiøtt returned to the Department of Chemistry as a Steno Scholar. The group currently counts 12-15 people, most working with computations while a few students are doing experimental work in other research groups at the University of Aarhus.

Our research has in recent years been funded by The Danish Council for Independent Research (FTP and FNU), The Danish Council for Strategic Research (NABIIT), The Danish National Research Foundation, and private funds (Lundbeck Foundation, Novo Nordisk Foundation as well as Carlsberg Foundation).