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Organic Nanochemistry

In the Organic Nanochemistry group our research is directed towards design and synthesis of new organic and bioorganic compounds such as DNA conjugates which can assemble into functional nanostructures with applications in molecular electronics, biosensors, singlet oxygen formation and as new materials.

Students who may be interested in doing a Bachelor's, Master's (MSc) or PhD study within the area of Organic Nanochemistry are welcome to contact and to visit our group.

The group webpage can be found here.

Group leader

Kurt Vesterager Gothelf
iNANO, Department of Chemistry
Aarhus Universitet
Gustav Wieds Vej 14
DK-8000 Aarhus C

Local address:

Office: 1590-326
Phone: 87156752
Mobile: 60202725
Email: kvg@chem.au.dk


Center leader of CDNA
Associated with iNANO