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Materials for Energy Applications through Neutron and X-Ray Eyes

We are happy to announce that the workshop "Materials for Energy Applications through Neutron and X-Ray Eyes” will be held in Göteborg on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2017 at Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.

The workshop is jointly arranged by the Interreg project MAX4ESSFUN and the Nordforsk Network on Functional Materials. 

The scope of the workshop is to highlight possibilities for investigating materials targeted for application in next generation energy technologies, including batteries, fuel cells, solar cells, and thermoelectrics. In particular there is a focus on the new capabilities offered by MAXIV and ESS.  

The workshop is free of charge (including lunches, coffee breaks and dinners). In addition, the first 20 PHD students or postdocs from outside Göteborg to register bringing a poster will have free accommodation (apply in webshop).

Registration deadline 28th April 2017.

We in particular encourage participants to bring a poster and all posters will be presented at the speakers' corner. 


Mogens Christensen, Aarhus University (mch@chem.au.dk)

Aleksandar Matic, Chalmers University of Technology (matic@chalmers.se)

Final programme

Monday May 22, 2017
(Room: Kollektorn, MC2 - see map  of Chalmers here)

12:00-13:00         Lunch & registration
13:00-13:05         Welcome address

Session 1: New possibilities at MAX IV and ESS

13:05-13:25         Talk 1: Overview MAX IV (J. Andersen, MAX IV)
13:25-13:45         Talk 2: ESS - New possibilities for energy materials (W. Schweika, ESS)
13.45-14.05          Talk 3: Beamlines DANMAX (I. Kantor, DTU)
14:05-14:25         Talk 4: Possibilities of in-situ and operandi x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy at MAX IV (J. Schnadt, MAX IV)
14:25-14:45         Talk 5: Scientific capabilities of DREAM diffractometer at ESS (M. Feygenson, JCNS) 
14:45-15:05         Talk 6: HEIMDAL @ ESS (S. Holm, AU)

15:05-15:30         Coffee break

Session 2: New Materials for Energy Storage

15:30-16:00         The analysis of electrochemical reactions in lithium cells by in-situ and ex-situ x-ray diffraction (S. Brutti, Universita Basilicata)
16:00-16:30         New insight from X-ray diffraction studies of energy materials under operative conditions (P. Norby, DTU)
16:30-17:00         Looking inside running batteries - Operando X-ray diffraction of future electrode materials (D. Ravnsbæk, SDU)

17:00-19:00         Posters & refreshments
19:00-                   Dinner (Hyllan, Kårhuset, Chalmers - see map link above)

Tuesday May 23, 2017
(Room: Kollektorn, MC2 - see map here)

Session 3: New Materials for Energy Storage & Conversion

09:00-09:30       Complex hydrides for Energy storage (B. Hauback, IFE)
09:30-10:10         X-ray insight into noble metal-free fuel cell catalysts (A. Palmqvist, Chalmers)
10:10-10:30         XRD characterization of materials for Dye Sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells - how XRD helps us choose between them (C. Cavallo, Chalmers)

10:30-11:00         Coffee break

Session 4: In-situ & operando techniques

11:00-11:30         CINEMA - the allianCe for ImagiNg and Modelling of Energy Applications (J. Wenzel Andreasen, DTU)
11:30-12:00         Tracking Solid Oxide Cell Microstructural Evolution During a Redox Cycle using X-ray Nano-tomography (Salvatore de Angelis, DTU)

12:00-                  Lunch