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DIBS'18 - Danish Instruments for Big Science

The organizing committee of DIBS’18 would like to invite you to the 2018 edition of ”Danish Instruments for Big Science”:

                                                                                           MONDAY THE 22nd of JANUARY, 2018
                                                                   AT THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY, AARHUS UNIVERSITY
                                                                        Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C - AUD I (1514-213)

                                                                                                     Final programme (PDF)

In order to facilitate networking and capacity building, we encourage scientist and students to bring posters and industry to bring promotion materials – there will also be an opportunity for a small exhibition at the venue.                    

For questions please contact Mads Ry Jørgensen (mads@inano.au.dk) or Arne Jensen (arnje@dtu.dk)


The DIBS idea

DIBS stands for “Danish Instruments for Big Science”. This series of conferences sets focus on scientific instruments designed and built by Danish scientist or Danish companies; instruments that are developed for use at research infrastructures like CERN, ESO, or ESS.

The purpose of DIBS is to encourage cooperation, knowledge sharing, and capacity building between science and industry and between scientific communities. Therefore, we have organized DIBS as a mixture of scientific and industrial presentations, posters, and networking.

Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, and BigScience.dk are the organizers of DIBS. The conference is open to all scientists and industry representatives with an interest in Danish instruments for Big Science.

DIBS'18: Traditional with a new twist

DIBS’18 will be the fourth conference in the DIBS history and the first to be held in Aarhus. We have added two new features to promote Science-Industry cooperation even more: A plenary session with a number of five-minute company presentations, and a structured opportunity for individual Science-to-Business meetings in the afternoon.

DIBS’18 will present two plenary sessions in the morning and 4 workshops (2 and 2 in parallel) in the afternoon.

In the morning, we shall present an overview of Danish instruments and some of the research policy considerations that are relevant for Danish participation in research infrastructures. We shall go deeper into XFEL and the FXE instruments and present the new ESA James Webb space telescope, and a number of companies will present their competences in five-minute “pitches”.

The afternoon presents a choice of workshops focusing on issues that are common for almost all scientific instruments:

First set of Workshops:
WS 1 - The Role of Data
WS 3 - Very small series production

Second set of Workshops:
WS 2 - Shielding
WS 4 - Sample environment

You will have to choose between WS 1 and WS 3 and between WS 2 and WS 4, respectively.