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Kai Finster



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Kai Finster


  • Astrobiologi
  • Aeromikrobiologi
  • Mikrobiel Økologi




My research centers on two fascinating areas: Aeromicrobiology and Astrobiology. In Aeromicrobiology, I examine how ice-forming bacteria affect Earth's atmospheric processes, including their influence on weather and climate. In Astrobiology, I study how wind-driven phenomena shape the surface chemistry of Mars, contributing to our quest to discover life on the Red Planet.



I prioritize outreach activities to engage and inform. I regularly appear on national radio and contribute to videnskab.dk. I also give lectures at Folkeuniversitetet and frequently engage with high school students through campus visits and presentations. Additionally, I have authored seven popular science articles in Aktuel Naturvidenskab, edited the book Evolutionsbiologiske milepæle on major milestones in evolution, and published a popular science booklet on Astrobiology.


All my projects are interdisciplinary. In Aeromicrobiology, we work with colleagues from the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, and engineering at Aarhus University. Internationally, our team collaborates with climate modelers from Sweden, atmospheric physicists from Germany, and microbial ecologists from Austria. Our Astrobiology group includes geologists, physicists, and chemists from Aarhus University and planetary scientists from Germany, geologists from UK, and geochemists from Spain.

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