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Meet Bo Brummerstedt Iversen's Group

A diverse and thriving community of undergraduate students, PhD students and post doctoral researchers from across the world delivering world class research. We aim to deliver world class research in crystallography and materials chemistry research through meticulous attention to detail, determination to expand our knowledge and a passion to explore the unknown.
Find more information about Bo and his research career in this link to his publications and CV.


From professorships to production, alumni from the Brummerstedt Iversen group have embarked on a range of exciting and diverse careers upon graduation at all educational levels. Over the past 20 years,  Brummerstedt Iversen's impressive track-record includes supervision of over 50 successful PhD graduates, and has enabled over 160 bachelor and masters degrees in total to be completed, many of whom now hold positions at major Danish institutes and industry, e.g., University of Copenhagen, MAX IV (Lund), Novo Nordisk, Velux, Danish Technological Institute, Danfoss, Haldor Topsoe, among others.