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Proceedings of HydEM 2022

Following the first HydEM meeting in 2016, we published a special issue in Inorganics with 14 excellent contributions, which was also published as a book, "Functional Materials Based on Metal Hydrides" (2017).
Link: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/inorganics/special_issues/metal_hydrides

We therefore strongly encourage all participants to contribute to a new successful collection of interesting topic as a special issue of Inorganics, Materials, denoted "Functional Materials Based on Metal Hydrides II". The aim is to highlight the great diversity in structure and properties of this important class of materials with new varieties of possible applications. Contributions should be submitted to Inorganics as full papers and will be peer-reviewed by the Journal.

Inorganics offer publication free of charge for the first accepted papers, along with discounts, and that the special issue is printed as a book if more than 10 papers are presented. Corresponding authors will receive a copy of the book free of charge.

Inorganics is covered by SCIE (Science Citation Index Expanded), in the Category "Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear" and will receive the first Impact Factor in the middle of 2022, which is expected to be >3.