Aarhus Universitets segl




  • Winter semester:
    Eksperimentel Materialekemi II (B.Sc. level)

    • The course aim is giving students insight into methods of synthesis of different types of materials for various purposes. The synthesized materials will be characterized using selected experimental techniques.

  • Summer semester:
    Eksperimentel Materialekemi III: Synchrotron og Neutron Science (M.Sc. level)

    • The course objective is to give students insight into use of large scale facilities, where X-rays and neutrons are produced for structural characterization of materials. The course will give an overview of techniques common at neutron and X-rays large scale facilities as well as techniques that are uniquely to the specific technique.

  • Summer course:
    X-ray Free Electron Lasers: A combined virtual lab and real-lab experience of European XFEL (M.Sc. and PhD level)

Photos from the Joint Hamburg-Aarhus XFEL summer course at Eu-XFEL Hamburg 2022