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The Iversen Group is based in the Inorganic Division of the Department of Chemistry, and shares access to a number of laboratories with a wide range of apparatus for synthesis and analysis of functional materials.  

With a focus on crystallography, we can prepare single crystal and polycrystalline materials under a range of temperature (up to 1500 °C) and pressure (25 GPa) conditions. High quality diffraction data can then be measured in-house on one of our powder or single crystal diffractometers. Furthermore, materials can be studied in situ or under operando conditions in one of our diffractometer set-ups to determine structural changes as they form, or under typical operating conditions to establish information about structure-performance relationships.

We have a high proposal success rate for beamtime applications at international synchrotron and neutron facilities. Click on the logos below to find out more about the X-ray and neutron sources used by the Iversen Group.

Students are given the opportunity to obtain hands on experience of working at such a facility as part of their bachelor, masters or PhD degrees. 

We hold significant expertise in diffraction data analysis, where we use Rietveld refinement and more complex analyses to gain better insight in to the structure of our materials. Moreover, modern crystallography methods, such as the 3D-PDF technique, are employed to examine complex features of crystal structures.

Combined studies exploring the structure-performance relationships are key to our understanding of functional materials, and the Iversen group is well-equipped to study a broad range of properties, including Seebeck and Hall coefficients, resistivity, and heat capacity, to name a few.